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SD-WAN for Commercial businesses

Retail, Healthcare and Construction companies get agile and decrease costs with SD-WAN

RedFig’s Corporate SD-WAN solutions drive digital transformation for companies with networked remote locations: stores, clinics/hospitals and construction sites and depots.

These companies need to:

  • Respond to the growing need for more network bandwidth at optimal cost
  • Eliminate brand damage by being “always-on” for in-branch customers   
  • Meet audit requirements for security and privacy, without adding unnecessary systems or admin overhead
  • Master the ways that their networks are used and secured, from inside and outside attacks

Our end-to-end process spans from building the business case, design, procurement, installation and lifecycle operations.

We work in collaboration with your team and the business to design and build a service that addresses your unique situation, allowing you to retire costly and obsolete network infrastructure and build for your on-premises and Cloud IT strategies.

SD-GEN software defined network solutions
Broadcast media defined network solutions

Broadcast Media Defined Networking

With Carriers and Broadcasters, RedFig partners with innovative leaders like Media Links to deliver high-quality, ultra-reliable networks for critical, high-profile applications.

RedFig prove that innovative software can deliver:

  1. Much better reliability – data can be transmitted over the optimal links and avoid failures
  2. Operational intelligence – operators get an idea of what is impacting the network and how to fix problems
  3. Supportability – control of hardware and configuration for service assurance

Media Links solutions have been used to build some of the world’s largest video and media transport networks, including major installations in the Australia, USA, Europe and Japan.

Network Security as a Service

The old approach to to security – many hardware “appliances” and complex routing and integration, deliver a poor outcome:

  • Security holes
  • Lack of visibility into bad users and operating malware
  • Poor insight into what services are being accessed by users
  • A lot of unproductive work delivered by security staff

Organisations understand that protecting users with a consistent and enforceable policy requires much more that simple URL or web filtering, or firewall appliances that aren’t protecting you as you think they are.

Thousands of companies have already switched their IT security from appliances to experience the benefits of cloud delivery of security services.

To see if you are affected, use this free security preview tool while connected to your network.

Then contact us to help understand how to intelligently lower your risk.

security solutions for networks - cloud user security
mobile network solutions for network assurance

Mobile Network Operations

RedFig has teamed with Metricell – a leader in geospatial intelligence, providing last-mile monitoring tools in the areas of mobile network performance and customer experience management.

This award winning technology is tried and tested by many of the world’s largest mobile network Operating groups, including: AT&T, Axiata, EE, Telecom Italia, T-Mobile, Vodafone and Zain.

Metricell specialises in collecting and processing unique Customer Experience metrics. Our solution delivers substantial operational benefits, cost savings and increased customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Network Management

NetGazer® is a disruptive software platform that enables operational scale, efficiency, and carrier scale reliability.

Media Links’ NetGazer® NMS simplifies the complexity of the underlying network details, provides per-flow control, and facilitates clear service assurance and fulfilment across multi-vendor equipment.

Designed to manage in-studio as well as wide area media networks, Media Links’ new NetGazer® Network Management System delivers faster, smarter, and more flexible services and workflows.
Its SDN (Software Defined Networking) and MDN (Media Defined Networking®) enabled platform allows you to monitor and manage complex environments more effectively than ever before, providing the most comprehensive end-to-end network monitoring and management system for broadcasters and service providers.

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