Knotty problems

Network got you tied up in knots?

When cost, reliability or inflexibility cause issues every time you try to do something new, then you need a fresh viewpoint.

RedFig specialise in transforming production networks in critical ways, so that our clients can:

  1. measure and manage their service-level agreements (SLAs) with suppliers
  2. reduce their own SLA penalties
  3. enhance their professional reputaion
  4. enable more business utilisation of the network

Especially if your network needs to carry video, voice, data and transactions. If you connect multiple branch sites, head office and cloud data centres.

We’ll facilitate a 2 hour workshop with IT (and the business users, if you like) to help frame the business issues and technical situation.

Then, with our in-depth experience, we show you ways to optimise your network and improve it.

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