Network Services

Connecting people to video, data and applications using networks is at the heart of modern business

Network Design, Insight & Optimisation

The need to deliver video, applications and data is ever-increasing. Manual processes are out – dynamic, software-enabled, agile networks are in. They make best use of communications links, encrypt and protect data from outsiders, transparently switch traffic around failed or congested links and minimise costs.

We work closely with you to help you to understand how your network can better serve your business goals – whether that’s better performance, lower costs, increased agility or all of these and more.

For corporates with “distributed” sites – branch offices, stores, etc, we recommend looking at an SD-WAN approach to improve you in a number of ways:

  • cost
  • flexibility
  • security
  • reliability
  • performance.
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Project Management & Implementation

Regardless of your industry or mission, program and project management is the value driver that helps your organisation get the most out of its performance. We’ll work closely with you to assist the assessment, design, improvement, and implementation of programs, and the project management of people, processes, and tools.

Our project managers (PMBOK & PRINCE Certified) and implementation specialists leverage proven deployment methodologies to account for challenges before they become problems.

Technology Procurement & Staging

RedFig Network Services has the capability of managing the procurement, on-time delivery, staging and configuration of all necessary components for any size project, be it small or extremely ambitious.

Orchestrating and preparing the materials during the equipment phase of a network cabling or technology rollout project can be complicated and risk prone.

We are fully equipped to carry out network infrastructure procurement & network device staging, cabling, and related tasks to ensure that you are one hundred percent satisfied. Contact us to see how we can help you.

Technical Support & Managed Services

We offer Level 3 and 4 technical support on solutions that we deliver.

We are able to tailor support to your needs business hours or 24 x 7 x 365.

We record and track all requests via our online Helpdesk, which is a single point of contact designed to log Hardware and Software defects, faults, report incidents, request services, and report actual/potential outage conditions, degradation situations, situations where customer service, system maintainability or system operability are, or could be, affected.

We also co-ordinate the provision of system specialist support or on-Site assistance and facilitate the resolution of any technical issues arising from faults or service requests, as well as ensuring that the relevant subject matter experts are available to discuss any issues arising from or in connection with the customer’s equipment in accordance with the Response times.

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